My First One Night Stand….With Taye Diggs and Justin Timberlake *Face Palm*

So I don’t believe in one night stands. I mean honestly unless there is an instant connection in some way that is other than sexual I don’t really get the point. Now I used to be unjustified in saying this, because I had never had a one night stand, but I decided to quell the interest and see what the whole thing was about. You can’t judge something unless you try it right?


So, as per most one night stands I didn’t really see it coming at first. At a bar, with two of my friends and towards the end of the night this beautiful man was ordering a beer right by us. Now to give you a visual, he was at least six foot tall, and looked like Taye Diggs’ younger brother. You could tell from the way his black t-shirt hugged his body, that he was as solid as a rock. So yes, there was a physical attraction, and he winked at me. This took me by surprise, but we started talking. We hit it off and had so much in common. He had lived in New York for a little while, during college. He was here from Nigeria to make a life as an actor. For some reason he had ended up in that little Podunk bar in Norfolk Virginia.

My friends and I went back to his house; they stayed in a room with a bed, a TV and the video cassette of the Jungle Book, while we went into his room. Polite conversation, he stripped…and just as I figured, he was a chiseled dark chocolate version of “David”. He ran around his room, looking for his “Justin” and although it peaked my curiosity I sat there, still fully dressed wondering what the hell he was talking about. He flipped through a bunch of CD cases murmuring off what they held in them “porn, porn, porn, house, porn, house, house” and then triumphantly as a child who just learned how to ride a bike for the first time he exclaimed “Justin Timberlake!!!” That was the crowning point of the night; I may even go as far as to say it was the climax of the night (My only climax of the night) . Sex ensued and I entertained myself by watching the designs on his media player bounce along to the Justin Timberlake CD he had put in his lap-top.


He finished, asked to keep my panties and I left…unsatisfied and unfulfilled. It makes a great party story yes, but when I crawled into my bed at the end of the night I knew I was founded in my belief that one night stands aren’t that great….especially with a hard-core JT fan.


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