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A love beyond

This was not the life I dreamt for you. As I look down on your faces, untouched by the burden of day to day life I see a world in which I pictured everything blissfully different. A house of our own, laughter every day, a yard for you to run around. I imagined strong arms that swept you up after a long day and wrestled with you as the day grew to night. Deep rumbling words filling your imagination as it ran wild into dreamland. I saw long adventures into the woods, onto the sands, with days spent filled with only what the minds eye could think up, never for a second worrying what would stop you. I pictured rooms filled with giggles, tiny hands making fingerprints on the walls and you never having to be alone. I never for a second thought of what tomorrow would bring. I never imagined life like this.

I didn’t realize it would ever be just us. The three musketeers bound by love and solidarity. I didn’t think it would be just me wiping the tears away or encouraging the smiles. I didn’t know I would be the one that filled all the roles in your young lives. I want to give you the world, all of it, wrapped up in a bow. To fill your lives with all the wonder and love your hearts could ever ask for, ever need. Never let you see how hard it is. But it is hard. I never planned for the Autism, the medication, the breakdowns. The working mom. The sibling rilvary. The alternate weekend split. I never wanted you to see me tired, anxious or scared. To feel the stress of how life can get to you sometimes. The realness of it all.

In all of this though, I look at your faces and realize I am doing something right. In the spaces in between. In the quiet moments. In the love that shines through. In the bond we have. We really do have it all. You astound me everyday with you intelligence, your kindness and your love. We may not have it all but we have enough. I may not be able to give you everything but you love me just as I am and that is the greatest gift of all. I know a love like no other. And it is the love I have for you. And that love is beyond all measure.


Day 5 – Love Your Life in 30 Days 

Here we are at day 5. Both kids and I are sick as dogs. We’ve spent the day on the couch, watching food network, cuddling and just trying to heal. I see stuff I have to do around the house and I have to admit I’m feeling a little defeated today. It could be the fever, the sick or the tired. Today is a visualization exercise. I have trouble with that in general but I hope that I can do it tonight when it counts so much. Wish me luck!
Day 5: Visualize – Imagine a Day in the Life You Dream of Living

Est. time: 5 minutes
Close your eyes for five minutes and imagine a typical day in the near future, once your priority areas for transformation have come to pass in the most exciting of ways (don’t worry about how such changes came to be). Imagine the sights, sounds, feelings, and conversations from such a day. Imagine how you feel when you wake up. Imagine celebrating. Imagine explaining the transformation to your friends. Imagine the sense of inner peace you will feel. Imagine where you might live. Imagine where you might vacation. Imagine what you might do for fun. Imagine what your new priorities for change will be. Imagine what your new challenges will be. Imagine all of it as if you are already living the life of your dreams.

Home alone for the holidays

​There was only a short moment of video time to light the candles on the first night of Chanukah. There were no little voices on Christmas morning. No bright eyes or happy smiles to delight in the joy that Santa brought. My soul is missing their sweet faces. My heart is aching for them. Hours after I woke up I heard them for a few brief minutes. I tried to pile on the love as they distracted lyrics told me of all the joy he brought while they were there. Over a hundred miles away. 

I try to take solace in the fact that in two days they will be back in my arms. That we will still celebrate and it is only a day we missed not the spirit of the season. But I won’t lie, it’s not the same. To spend so much time raising to wonderful, amazing children and not be able to partake in their excitement hurts to the core. To have to split their lives in two, though logical is hard. And I want them to experience both sides of their parentage. I want them to know they are loved all over. I want them to know how many lives their being alive touches. But selfishly, I want them all for myself. They are my joy, my world and the light of my life. I am so proud to be their Mama. And this holiday season, this empty home has been hard on the heart. I can’t wait for them to come home.

Gentle Words

I used my words harshly today. I didn’t mean to, it was just the way they came out. I admonished instead of explaining. I scolded instead of entertaining the idea that the meaning of what was said was misunderstood. In brought down instead of listing up. I sent him off to school with out a smile on his face and now I feel a profound sense of guilt.

As a parent I know that it is easier to jump in at any moment and criticize instead of taking the time to understand. You get caught up in what is going on that instead of reaching out and finding the child within yourself you look at it at without taking the time to break it down as if you were the child yourself. It is one of our biggest fats. It rips our children to shreds as it can tear apart their small psyches. I try to not jump onto the bandwagon but sometimes I slip, this morning was one of those times.

I find it lately, specially during this time of year I get so caught up in my own head that I forget my mood effects theirs. They want my attention and love and I am just looking for an escape from the memory of yesteryear. I have not been paying the best attention to the world around me. But they are my world. I need to pull myself out of this funk. I need to put my priorities back in line. Catch up on what counts. Write more, sleep less. Stop letting the memories burden me and really just enjoy the now. Speak gently and let those snap judgements fall away. Later I’ll apologize for my harsh words and though I know I’ll be forgiven I hope that I didn’t leave a permanent mark. 

Be kind to yourself and to others


Tears of a child

It breaks my heart when they cry. when we’ve come so far but there is a moment, a song or a memory that takes them back to a place they used to we. More EXACTLY a place WE used to be. And this month holds no exceptions. This season holds no boundaries. Dates, books, songs, smells…all the things and promises that were made, that were left unfulfilled. The questions that were left unanswered. All the smiles that have faded, the laughter that has floated by with the wind. I feel helpless sometimes and all I can do is hold them. Promise them it will get easier, promise them a better tomorrow. Make new memories to wipe away the painful ones. Still their are traces of your fingerprints on their hearts. Your signature in their books. Your picture in their minds. I don’t know how to deny them your existence but if I could I would wipe you from their minds, a clean slate because the tears that spill is so fresh with pain. so full of hurt and innocence. It is as if you never realized or cared how much you damaged their fragile beating hearts. For shame that their first heartbreak will always be in the name of a father and not some silly person that meant less than nothing to them. The name Daddy etched in their hearts will forever be a sad cross to bear. Something you ruined in your selfish pursuit of something different. The tears of a child are something that one should never be to blame for. And my anger that rises as I wipe those tears away is only so laced by the fact that I know in my heart I can give them a better tomorrow now that you are gone. That  one day they will know what it is to love and be loved by someone who genuinely is going to be there for them forever. Who doesn’t break their promises and who answers all their questions with kind words and a gentle hand. My children will be ok and one day the heartache will quiet. This season may be long and cold but we will get through it together. And you, your heart will forever have a hole from the loss these beautiful souls.

Election Day Aftermath (Politics through the eyes of a child)

​I had to wake up my children this morning and explain to them who had won the election. At 7 and 9 years old we had discussed some of the details of the candidates and what was going on. They groomed their opinions from what they had learned in school, from me and from the parts of the debates that I let them sit and watch. They had asked questions throughout the campaigns. They made me diligently fact check and research because I wanted to give them the best answers I could. Never in my life have I been so politically involved. My gorgeous babies really wanted to know what their future held. They wanted to know what these two people could possibly do that could shape the next year’s of the world they lived in. 
So as we stepped into our little voting booth yesterday and filled out those boxes, going over each choice, they were so proud to be part of something bigger than themselves. They fought to stay awake to see how the number changed. We discussed popular and electoral votes. We watched the news and listened to the discussions and as I began to get a sinking feeling I tucked them into bed with only the sweetest of dreams and hoped for their sakes for the best.
This morning I had to wake them up and explain to them that in the end their choice didn’t win. They had so very many questions that I had to carefully answer. Because I realized that my answers would not only impact them today but for the rest of their lives. You see they are scared. Scared of everything they heard. Scared for their friends, for the cute old people they love so much, scared for the country getting blown up because of a guy that’s so angry all the time. I explained to them that when you live in fear there is only fear. That is why you have to hope. Hope for the better days ahead. Keep fighting for what you believe in no matter what people say. When you are presented with a situation where there is a bully, you stand tall and don’t let that bully take you down. They were angry that people picked him over her. I explained to them being angry is exactly what he is. Fueling anger with anger doesn’t make the situation better. It only leads to another word which we don’t use in this house, hate. When you fuel a hate fire with more hate you are only going to get negatives. Instead of that,I told them, go show those you love, those you are scared for, that you will ALWAYS be there for them. That you love them. That no matter what, you have their backs. Loving those around you won’t undo the damage but it will cool down the hurt that everyone is feeling. I told them that now is the time we all need to stick together, because only now will we see how much stronger we are together. My words seemed to make them feel better. They are still unhappy but they are starting to understand a little more and I am starting to realize that they grow up way too fast. 
So to you I say this. I too am afraid and worried and even angry at what has happened. But I will not stand here in hate and anger. Instead I will tell you this. I have your backs, through everything, no matter what. And I love you. We got this #alwayskeepfighting #strongertogether #thisisformykids

Here I go again on my own

Once school starts fall should automatically begin. Once kids are back in school, the weather should cool down and we should get 3 or 4 perfect months of hoodies weather. Or at least have it happen on labor day….I may just be cranky because I am totally sunburned. 

So today was the first day of school for the kiddos. I walked then to the bus, cried my way home and went to sleep. I was so emotionally worn out after an hour and a half that I needed a break. Reasoning behind it you ask…well

The summer went by so incredibly fast, I don’t even remember what I did for half of it. Only that I wish I had spent more time running around and playing with the kids. I wish we had taken more pictures and had more ice cream. There are lots of things I could should myself on and won’t because I know my kiddos had a great time and loved every minute.

And me, over the summer, I wrote and I healed and I cried. I laughed and I bonded with the people that care. I built my strength up and learned how to get along on my own. I prepared myself for what was coming up to round out this year. I prepared myself for today.

The first day of school, of excitement and joy and the knowledge that my babies are growing up so quickly. The first day of school, I always had someone holding my hand ad I let go of theirs. Today I didn’t have that. Today was hard. But I was ok.

I realize that intentionally or not I tried to find a replacement. Not for validation, sex or even a relationship. I was trying t ok fill the only part of my soul I can’t yet completed on my own. The part that remembers what it’s like to have a partner, a confidant, someone to fill up the empty moments. And what I’ve learned from that is that although I am lonely I am still ok. The world will keep on turning. The air will still smell as sweet and my heart will be filled with the love of my children and the live I’m learning for myself.

First day of school.

First page of a new story.

Here’s to us!

Sparkle thoughts


One Call Away

She wanted to dance with you at her wedding to this sing. At 7 years old, she picked this song for you because in her eyes you were a super hero. Now she can’t listen to it on the radio. Her big eyes fill with tears as she begs whoever is playing it to change the song be ause “it hurts to much”. If she is asked why she only shakes her head. The only answer she’s ever given me was that “it reminds her too much much of her Daddy”. Do you know how heartbreaking that is? No, of course you don’t,  you never will. 

You aren’t here to field the questions that come out of the blue. The “Can I make video for him?”, “Did you send him my card?”. The “Is he ever going to want to see us again?”, “I thought he said I could call him anytime, that he would always be my person”. When you make an impression like that on a child, you can’t just slip slowly into the night and expect them to be ok, expect them not to hurt or ask questions. You can’t expect to go from Superman or Zeus to nothing. But I guess it really makes no difference now does it? Your head can be clear because you told them you’d be away for awhile, in your eyes that can be construed as you’re never coming back. In the eyes of a child awhile can be minutes, hours or even seconds. It’s usually not forever. Not when they’ve been hurt before, when you became their hero, when you fought so hard for them, when they became yours and you thiers.  But what do I know? I’m only their mother.

Maybe I shouldn’t write this, I know you don’t read what I write anymore. My words get twisted and told to you in ways they never were meant in the first place. They will be contrived as a guilt trip, pressure or me begging you to come back. I don’t want you to come back, I don’t need you to be mine. I just want to know who you are now, how you believed so hard in protecting your kids suddenly changed into not wanting them at all. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m writing this out of pain because I held my 7 year old tightly today as she begged for answers as to when she’d see you again. And all I could say was simply “I don’t know when you will sweetie, it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to him”.

The man I knew for so many years would have never let me say things like that to her, he would still be in her life. He would still be our 9 year olds person when he needed to talk. But I guess people change more than I could ever imagine.

It’s ok that you can’t be the person in this song, because I got this. You don’t need to be Superman. That’s my job. A promise to them I will never break.

Puzzle Pieces

There are those out there that can say I found the missing piece to my puzzle. I believe that there are so many pieces to your puzzle that even by the end of your life you may not have all the pieces. You start out born as a single piece when you are born. Slowly but sure you begin to build your puzzle. Your family and each of the people that you meet in your life become those core pieces designing the picture that makes up the foreground in your picture. The events that shape you become the dark and light bits of your background. Your core memories become the cornerstones anchoring it together. But what you don’t realize is that each step you take, every time you find that love, that fear, that heartbreak, that joy your puzzle doesn’t only add a piece but it changes, it expands to make sure the piece goes exactly here it belongs. It’s like the game of perfection, a bump to the table your puzzle is on and everything flips into the air and comes back down. Your core, your real picture falls back into place with maybe a new piece or two there or even a piece or two missing. Your background is the ever-changing, evermoving fluid part of your puzzle. It is like a 3-d picture frame or a part of the pictures in Harry Potter.


There are pieces of your puzzle that will come in and change your picture, those pieces are the bigger pieces, the pieces that add the color, the detail. Those are your soulmates, your children, those people that have made your heart stronger, your soul more vibrant. Those are the people that have taken your pieces and turned them into something new. They have taken the faerie dust and helped you shape it into a magnificent new creature. Those pieces are also the ones who have broken you, only have helped you figure out how to help you build yourself up into who you have become today.


What happens when the pieces that once fit, don’t anymore? That’s a question you always ask yourself. Well, the answer is this. Nothing happens. Those pieces will always be part of your puzzle. It is not that they don’t fit, it is that they fade in color and more into the background of your life. All the pieces of your puzzle are so important to who have become today. And sometimes just sometimes, when you least expect it…A background piece bursts back into color and makes its way back into the main picture. All it takes is a visit home, a surprise phone call or a birthday card sent to a friend you haven’t seen in so any years. Their color may fade and drop away again… live in those moments, because those moments are the ones that you will treasure forever.


Take a moment today to enjoy your puzzle

Sparkle sparkle







Two Weeks. Two Lives. Two Masks.


I wear two masks constantly. Day in and day out and I only take them off to breathe when the chance arises. That chance isn’t often and when I can breathe it isn’t pretty, relaxing or fun. I have a public mask you see. For the day to day, a super mom personal to keep up with the masses, the strangers, the parents at school and those who only seem me through a porthole in the side of my life boat.


Then there is the mask in private. The one who play her cards close but wears her heart on her sleeve. This mask is thinner, more translucent, closer to me. But I hold things behind it very few can see. I’ve only let a few see me with out it.

I’ve come to realization that under these masks I’m lost. The sight isn’t pretty, there are tear stained cheeks. There’s a girl who wants everyone to be happy. There’s a girl that needs to be reassured she is loved.


The past two weeks were rough. Masks ripped off. Sea salt scrubbed in the woulds. I Thought Of Self garm. I would never do it because of my sprites but I just wanted to hear that people still wanted ME around. Not the kids but ME. That’s all I wanted to hear.


As the weeks of pain and heart break subsided I felt better. Be it my meds, my therapy ir just thinking it through I’m done with my masks. I wish I had a sledgehammer to break them.

I’m tired of hiding me. I’m tired of my two seperate lives. I’ve given up the drama and negativity. I am cleansing everything because what I’m building is fragile and takes time. But it’ll be worth it in the long run.