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Home alone for the holidays

​There was only a short moment of video time to light the candles on the first night of Chanukah. There were no little voices on Christmas morning. No bright eyes or happy smiles to delight in the joy that Santa brought. My soul is missing their sweet faces. My heart is aching for them. Hours after I woke up I heard them for a few brief minutes. I tried to pile on the love as they distracted lyrics told me of all the joy he brought while they were there. Over a hundred miles away. 

I try to take solace in the fact that in two days they will be back in my arms. That we will still celebrate and it is only a day we missed not the spirit of the season. But I won’t lie, it’s not the same. To spend so much time raising to wonderful, amazing children and not be able to partake in their excitement hurts to the core. To have to split their lives in two, though logical is hard. And I want them to experience both sides of their parentage. I want them to know they are loved all over. I want them to know how many lives their being alive touches. But selfishly, I want them all for myself. They are my joy, my world and the light of my life. I am so proud to be their Mama. And this holiday season, this empty home has been hard on the heart. I can’t wait for them to come home.


In the middle of a memory

The leaves are in the middle of their change. Stuck between green and red. Some orange and amber. Other the brightest yellow the eyes can see. The wind is starting to crisp and the air…the air is tumbling across our senses with the smells of love. The smells of spices and Woodstock. Of warmth and cider. Of nights yearning to be copied up in our hoodies just aching to be scared around fires full of laughter. It’s the time of the year that I look forward to. The time of the year I feel free. The time of the year my smiles are big and my arms open wide to accept the hugs of the giggles of Littles after a full day of pumpkin picking and candied apples…

But I’m stick. Up swept by emotion I can quite grasp, and as much as I want to smile I want to scream. As much as I want out I want this season to pass. As many things as I want to do the memories all tie to those two perfect years that I made them with you. And I can erase and erase and smile through and still they settle into the minds of the children. And there’s nothing I can do. You’ve resurfaced. There’s been questions of which I have no answers. Only to talk about you in the past. As if you’ve died and been buried like those we’ve had to say goodbye to. And that’s sad, that you’ve become a corpse. Just another memory. When you could have stayed so much more to them. To all of us. And you chose instead to commit and act so heinous it only equates to death. 

So we bury you, a few times a week. For you are not that far under the ground. We lay flowers at your site and move on ahain. Rebuilding out lives on top of what you left of us. I am determined to do these things without you. Though it tears at my heartstrings so. The colors are not as vibrant and the wind not so sweet. But I will still love this time I have. This is my season. These are my days. I will fight forward and one day I will be free…from the middle of a memory

Therapy is not NOT an option

I didn’t go to therapy today. I know I need to but I really just didn’t want to. I surmise that this is for many reasons. Such as…My new antibiotics are making feel I’ll, I’m wicked tired, I know we’re starting to discuss emotional regulation today and my father in law passed away yesterday. All of these are very good reasons (well except one) for not going to group today but what lies under all of them is the fact that I really just didn’t want to go. Now, first of all, I believe it is helping me, more often than not I practice my debt skills to get me through the day. I try to be mindful and shuffle through all the skillfully playing cards they give me in order to cope with the outside world. I do not however like the fact that I have to keep track of what I am doing or follow each class up with himework. It makes me feel like a child and not an adult who is profiting from a group scenario. I think that is one of the reasons I get so snarky about it sometimes. Anyway, I do feel like crap from a third round of antibiotics I’ve been put on and will be going back to sleep for at least a little while.

As I sit here in my dim room with my pumpkin spice frappe (it’s amazing be jealous) I am drawn to the fact that I want so desperately to clean it, yet I can’t find the energy to do it. Granted I haven’t been high on spoons and I use most of them on my kids but there’s more to it than that. You see my room isn’t a mess per say, there are just parts of it that have clutter or need sorted out. There’s a brand new bookshelf that needs to be filled with all the wonderous books that I have. Some whose covers have never yet been opened. I think a lot of this is like my mind, a huge space so full of stuff that only the carefulness can navigate and find there way thtough. Easy to see what’s there but to delve into the hidden spots takes a keen eye and an intelligent mind. Things are hidden away. Locked treasures that you need to find the key for. One of them being my heart. But that box has multiple keys.

Speaking of which, so I was on Whisper the other day, where I received a very nice compliment. I wasn’t sure what part on my post deserved such a compliment but I appreciated it non the less. This is what I wrote.

And in very unhappy news, I am still numb after the phone call I got from the ex husband that his step dad had passed. Now I don’t generally think most people stay close to their ex’s family after a divorce but his mom, step-dad and siblings remained family to me. We exchange cards, pics, calls and whatnot. Living on two different coasts has made it hard on visits and I now feel guilty that he never got to meet my pixie. I am just taken totally aback by the situation. So I will be strong and I will push through. Gotta plan a trip sometime.

My thoughts are churning out endless streams of who knows what at the moment, so I shall  attempt to shut them down and nap. My tip of the day. Self love. Do it!

Sparkle thoughts


Eliza Dushku is so hot

I had a long winded rant that I was going to go into, about life and why this week was going to be really stressful but I happen to be sitting in front of the TV and while the TV is generally not a distraction…Eliza Dushku sauntering on, during try-outs for Bring it On is just fucking distracting. Now I knew for a long time that I had weird feelings when it came to girls, that I wasn’t sure why I got that tingle in my belly when I had sleepovers just like when I played football with the boys but I never really thought of when I had a sexual awakening. Thinking about it now, I am not really sure I can pinpoint it, it had to have come sometime in high school, I mean that was when the experimentation (meaning kissing girls for fun and sport) really started. But Eliza Dushku…

I remember the first time I saw Faith on Buffy, there was something about the feisty, sparkly, sassy extra slayer that just got my juices flowing. Now, looking back on it I can totally tell you that I was highly attracted to her but then I think it was a mixture of that and wanting to be her. Which kind of ties into what I was thinking about before. What I have been thinking about for the past few days. What I want to be when I grow up. Now I am not still fantasizing about being Eliza Dushku…meeting her, yes but not being her. When I am talking about growing up, I am obviously and adult and I do realize that….and I am not talking about my career path. I am talking about the kind of person I want to see reflected back at me.


I have taken time out in the past few days to reflect on things that have been going on around me, I have been told to take a deep breath and write what I am feeling if I come up to a blockage to write through it and keep writing till I felt comfortable. I fought against that notion until this very moment. I have only thought about writing for the past few days and here I am. Now all I have been feeling is that the winds of change are blowing and if I don’t put my umbrella in the draft I am going to miss my chance and life is going to start passing me by. I have been thinking about my plans for the future, for what life is going to be like in the next couple of months, weeks, days even. A lot of stuff is happening…So let’s catch up.

This week, the kiddos are gone on another mini vacay with their Nanny so I could get stuff done while they had fun. This week is looking towards being super stressful. Back into court with the ex, figuring out exactly what is going to happen with all kinds of custody things. Hoping it turns out fine but I feel like in some ways I am being set up. Seriously…who asks the main parent to pack specific full wardrobes for children for a ten-day vacation and returns the bags with the clothes untouched? Was it a test? T make sure they have clothes? My children are well taken care of, they are healthy, well fed, happy and well adjusted. They are going to be involved in music lessons, piano and violin, drama club, sports, gymnastics and Hebrew school this year. They have so much going on and I am not going to let ANYONE ruin that. So that is all going to be taken care of on Thursday, hopefully, it is all worked out amicably….Because I don’t want to have to go through a whole court battle, it won’t be ok for them and they are all that I care about.

After this mess is cleared up we continue to gear up for school, now it has hit me that I am really doing this on my own. Now I know I have been on my own for the past 7 months, trust me that hasn’t failed to fall on my shoulders but this is different. This feels new, like a new leaf, new responsibilities, and a whole new book. Maybe because it finally is a new year and as a Mom, the start of a new school year is the real beginning. Maybe because there are so many adventures on the horizon and I finally feel up to the task of doing it myself. Maybe because I have realized that I have the ability to do it on my own and it is actually a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Either way, the new school year is a big deal and that is approaching rapidly.

Also my house, I am rearranging, throwing out, reorganizing and getting rid of the old. I am done with things that have bad memory and juju attached to them. I want my kids to look at things and smile. I want to curl up in my bed and have it be my sanctuary because I am a fucking princess. I don’t need a prince to tell me that.


Then we come to my surgery, as of the 26th I will be making my last appointment with my surgeon before we schedule my gastric sleeve surgery. I am totally excited and totally terrified all at the same time. I can’t wait to continue on my journey with a new tool in my bag that will help me become a new, healthy me. I am terrified because I have actually become half convinced that I will not recognize myself anymore. I have so many thoughts in my mind about what is going to happen with the surgery that I give myself a headache. I know it it is going to amazing and wonderful and incredible. I also know it is going to be a huge lifestyle change, it is going to be a whole new me and I have to accept the fact that I will look different and I will feel different and I will get different attention. I have to be ok with that. I think it is the different kind of attention. I don’t know what it will be if it is going to happen and that is the biggest part that scares me. I think I am scared people won’t love me for who I am anymore but for what is on the outside. But I shouldn’t worry about it so much because I still know who I am and I love that person….Are you still keeping up? I think I lost myself about a paragraph ago.

So ahem….now that we have caught up on what will be going on I will leave you with this. I have finally got the courage under my wings, and a voice whispering in my ear, and a foot kicking me in the ass to really get on board with my book project. It is still in the futzing around stages right now but I can tell you it is going to be amazing. I can also tell you that I have been working on my bariatric blog and that has been going pretty fucking well too. I am going to go back to watching Eliza Dushku shaking her ass…and I am going to pick out a whole new bedroom set while doing so. Because I am starting a whole new book and this sassy slayer gets to start shaking it in style too.


Who do you think you are (not an ode to RENT)

I just need to unburden in a fantastic explosion. Now my soul feels lighter *authors afterthought*
Who do you think you are? Did you really think it wouldn’t get back to me, did you really think that my best friend wouldn’t tell me that you talk to her? Who do you think you are? When you cut somebody out of your life the way you did to me you cut out all the people that are close to them. You cut out their family, you cut out their friends, you cut out the people that love them. You don’t get advice you don’t get counsel you don’t get the privilege of talking to the people that they mean the most to. You think you can apologize for the things that you did to my best friend and have it not get back to me? You think that she’s the one that deserves the apology and not me? You left, without word without notice without and I’m sorry. You gave me the illusion that everything was going to be ok. You promised my children, you promised me, you promise the world that you would always be there. And look at what happened, you lied. You lied to everyone. You said don’t worry about it it’s just a test to see what’ll happen. I’m just saying these things to see what the response would be. I’m still standing here right? And then you left and said you needed to clear your head but that everything would be ok. You lied! You told my son that not a day would go by that he couldn’t pick up the phone and callyou. You lied to him. You told him that you would always be his person. And you’re not. You told my daughter you would always be there for her. And you’re not. You lied to the world. And I had to carry that burden because I cared about you. Well you know what, I don’t care anymore. I’m better than that. I stopped lying, I was honest, I believed in you. You don’t get that privilege anymore. You destroyed every ounce of faith I had in you. Because you broke your word. You said I was better off without you, you said the kids were better off without you. Well you know what? You were right! I hid you from the world, I held you when you cried, i listened to everything that went through your head, I covered up your lie, I thought I was doing something for the greater good. I thought that your life would be better with us in it. And it would have because we loved you. But I did everything on the good faith that you would stick around because I believed in you. You told me you weren’t good enough, you told me that I was better than that, you told me you would never force me to lie. And you didn’t force me (just pled that i perpetuate it) and i did, I did it because I believed that was the right thing to do. And you know what it was for awhile, until I realized that I was only hurting myself and the people I cared about. So I let you go and I am better now for it. But you don’t get the privilege of talking to my friends. And you don’t get the privilege of unburdening yourself and apologizing to the people that don’t need your apologies. The people that deserve an apology are my children. And the people that you should admit your lies to…well I guess that’s none of my business anymore. I’m done, I’m so done, I was done before I wrote this and this is the last time I’m going to talk directly to you because I don’t even know if you deserve this many words. It’s sad when somebody you loved so much shows you their true colors and everybody else saw them before you did.

One Call Away

She wanted to dance with you at her wedding to this sing. At 7 years old, she picked this song for you because in her eyes you were a super hero. Now she can’t listen to it on the radio. Her big eyes fill with tears as she begs whoever is playing it to change the song be ause “it hurts to much”. If she is asked why she only shakes her head. The only answer she’s ever given me was that “it reminds her too much much of her Daddy”. Do you know how heartbreaking that is? No, of course you don’t,  you never will. 

You aren’t here to field the questions that come out of the blue. The “Can I make video for him?”, “Did you send him my card?”. The “Is he ever going to want to see us again?”, “I thought he said I could call him anytime, that he would always be my person”. When you make an impression like that on a child, you can’t just slip slowly into the night and expect them to be ok, expect them not to hurt or ask questions. You can’t expect to go from Superman or Zeus to nothing. But I guess it really makes no difference now does it? Your head can be clear because you told them you’d be away for awhile, in your eyes that can be construed as you’re never coming back. In the eyes of a child awhile can be minutes, hours or even seconds. It’s usually not forever. Not when they’ve been hurt before, when you became their hero, when you fought so hard for them, when they became yours and you thiers.  But what do I know? I’m only their mother.

Maybe I shouldn’t write this, I know you don’t read what I write anymore. My words get twisted and told to you in ways they never were meant in the first place. They will be contrived as a guilt trip, pressure or me begging you to come back. I don’t want you to come back, I don’t need you to be mine. I just want to know who you are now, how you believed so hard in protecting your kids suddenly changed into not wanting them at all. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m writing this out of pain because I held my 7 year old tightly today as she begged for answers as to when she’d see you again. And all I could say was simply “I don’t know when you will sweetie, it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to him”.

The man I knew for so many years would have never let me say things like that to her, he would still be in her life. He would still be our 9 year olds person when he needed to talk. But I guess people change more than I could ever imagine.

It’s ok that you can’t be the person in this song, because I got this. You don’t need to be Superman. That’s my job. A promise to them I will never break.

Pinky Promise


Noone can hold it together all of the time. Not you and most certainly not me. There comes a time when even the most put together people fall apart. Those are the hard times. When those people that you look to, to hold your pieces together fall apart. You can stand there with your arms open, tissue boxes at your side, holding them as their body shakes with so many tears. You can run your fingers through their hair and whisper the words “I know” because you do. You can look them in the eyes and tell them they will get through this, that it will get better and know that in your heart it will. But why can’t you believe it yourself.

Your eyes mirror thiers, different shades of colors, kalioscopic tears, yearning to take their pain away. The pain of an ending before the book is closed. But thiers hopr. Their candle still flickers when you’re has been snuffed out. Helpless, you try and make the best out of the situation for them because you know it’s too late for you. You’ve accepted what you were handed and you’ve begun to move on.

You wish you could take their pain away, but you can’t.
You wish you could calm their fears, but you don’t have the words.
You wish that they never had to go through this, but you can’t protect them forever.
So you hold out your arms and wrap them as tightly as you can. You whisper the words “I know”. You give them the strength you have left.

Because you promised you’d be there. And best friends don’t break their promises.

I’m here. I always will be.


I’m here for you. For as long as you need me.

I was going to go into detail, tell you of my story but right now I can’t. I can’t because you don’t need to hear my story right now, you need to hear that I will understand yours. If I can’t understand you, I will listen and empathize. I will give you my hand, lend you my shoulder and certainly be a sounding board. I chose these pictures for you because in them I saw my past, I saw my friends, I saw my struggles and I saw the messages I needed so long ago. The reason I became who I am today, I wanted to be the person that I never found so long ago. So these are for you and me.

I am here for you. For as long as you need me.





You’re last gift to me (I wish)


You can make wishes on stars, candles, minutes of a clock. You can make them daily, hourly or even every time you take a breath. You can make the same wish over and over again until you are blue in the face and you lose hope of it coming true….and then it does. Or it did, when I wished for you. The answer to my wishes since I knew what I wanted to wish for. And now, because I know my wish has slipped through my fingers like sand, I only wish for one thing. I wish that the last time your lips met mine I had bathed in their sweetness, basked in our two souls wrapping around each other one last time, one last revelry in exstasis…in us. I think about that kiss, that last surprise and a smile crosses my lips as a tear rolls down my cheek. I wish……


It’s days like these…(I wish)

…I wish you never came back into my life at all. I wish that those pokes never turned into emails and never turned into phone calls or more. I wish you hadn’t showed up at my front door when I needed you the most and still smelled like home. I wish you had never met the kids who quickly stole your heart and became your own. It’s days like these that I wish I never let them call you daddy, at least not as fast as I did because you/we made them promises that are now broken and shattered all over the floor. It’s days like these that I wish I never said I loved you so fast, it doesn’t matter that I meant it, it matters because I did it too fast and I couldn’t give you what you needed from me. It’s days like these that I wish I had told you the truth no matter how scared I was of the outcome. I wish I had let ou walk out that door so much sooner because maybe you would have come back and we would have worked on things for real or maybe you wouldn’t and we wouldn’t hurt so much right now.I wish I didn’t believe handfasting tied two souls together. I wish handfasting didn’t mean more than marriage to me. I wish that I had my best friend back. It’s days like these I wish you would have OPENED YOUR MOUTH and told me to go back to a program, to fix me, to fix us. I wish I had a heart that could turn people away, I would have never let things get as bad as they did. It’s days like these I wish that our daughter had been full term and not just a wish on the wind. It’s days like these I wish we hadn’t been cowards about talking things out. I wish we HAD FOUGHT FOR US. But we never really did, did we? It’s days like these I wish I…..I just wish…..But wishes are broken and promises are too. Because no matter what anyone says…Noone keeps all their promises.