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Three Quotes in Three Days 4th of July Edition

So my lovelies…..I was tagged in this lovely challenge by myambivalentexistence . So I shall do this and I believe I have to tag 3 someones each day. I shall tag random darlings on my list! here we go Da UGLY Duckling Every Word You Say and Weathering the Storm you have been challenged.

And in the spirit of the Independence Day here is my quote –


Yes, yes…How odd an American posting a quote from a movie about a Scottish hero on America’s beloved Fourth of July. Well ya see, here is the thing…Most of me is Scottish, My great grand father was a famous soccer player there, I have a clan a tartan and all that jazz. And I am proud of my heritage, hell I am the only green eyed one in the family. But there is more to this quote than that, it explains everything that life should embody. Taking chances, doing things that you believe i. saying fuck the consequences, I need to do what I believe in. Now I am not talking about crazy things people, I am talking about talking to that one person that make your pulse race, wearing red lipstick just cuz it makes you feel good, buying that bathing suit and not caring if everyone is looking at you or not. Freedom f choice, of expression, being you. Independence of oppression, from being ruled over, from being held doing things we can’t stand behind (in good mind).

Happy Fourth of everyone

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