My journey – 9/9/15


I say today is the first day of my journey even though I started a long time ago (as is written in other posts) because today is the first day I have been able to get back into the bariatric gym.

I am trying to be in a good headspace, I am doing this for me. So I can be healthy, sit in chairs with sides, buy sexy corset tops that are affordale, run after my kids, stand and wash dishes and have sex up against a wall. That’s TOTALLY important.

My journey in and out of this place has been tumultuous and awesome and sad and happy. But I have this feeling deep down inside, that I’m finally going to be ok. Between. Here and the fibro clinic (and all my docs and therapists ) I will feel a lot better.

So once a week, you will get an updated weight from me. A pic (I’m determined to wear the same gym clothes till they fall off). And a sparkle thought….

“Only YOU know what you’re searching for…So STOP being your own roadblock and go GET IT!”



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