Alright, so here is the deal kiddos,

I am a thirty-something Mommy of two wonderful kiddos that has a slew of medical problems and am an aspiring author. Now we will get to the medical problems in a minute. The problem with becoming an author is actually sitting down to write. I get my best ideas while driving in the car or taking a shower. No way to since voice text always turns my words into something unimaginably dirty (which my ears turn most people’s words into anyway) and you can’t really write in the shower, by the time I get back to my computer the idea is either gone, changed or stuck in my head and I can not get it to drip into the keys.

The other problem with becoming an author is becoming an author, I mean hey I read, I edit, I have author friends whom I adore but I watch what they go through to get published and trust me I am not that brave. Besides that, the independent industry has really turned into a hunger games arena recently and I don’t think I am on par with Katniss just yet…I am more of a Cressida or a Rue.


But my main problem is this. I can’t carry a train of through to save my life. My ideas bounce all over the place and I prefer to write stream of thought than dialogue. Don’t get me wrong I can sexy type with the best of them but I just don’t think it is ready to be read by the world yet. Along with my derailed trains of thoughts I don’t pull any punches. I do not sugar coat, I will not hold back and I will not make things nice just to make you feel better….Which leads me to this

I will not lie to you, I will tell you some tales that will blow you away but I will never lie. It’s kinda against who I am. And who is that you ask. Well, If you want to label me by the DSM 5 I am a Bipolar II Borderline Personality Disorder with Narcissistic tendencies. Now I will get into what each and every one of what those big fancy words means a little later on, and I am sure they will come up through the blog because a lot of them are misunderstood, glamourized and becoming the cool thing to be. Trust me they are not. They suck, especially when people find out about your labels.


In addition to all those big words, I have 4 autoimmune disorders, I am a proud spoonie, am allergic to thing that mot people in this planet are not allergic to, just received my degree in Human Services, have a kid with autism and may or may not believe I am a faerie.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and sharing a little peek into my world. (who knows, maybe one day I will get a book out of it)

So there you have it

Under the Guise or all the Glitter

I am just a girl

Not Otherwise Specified





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