Poem i wrote for my Gk Circa Oct 2003

i finally got it back the poem i worte and id like to share it with you

Gk….you were my hero and i love you so much

did i ever tell you, you’re my hero

and everything I ould like to be

I would fly higher than an eagle

for you are the wind beneath my wings

Everybody has the ability

to be

to be kind

to be caring

to be gentle

and everybody has the ability

to make

to make joy in the world

to make something of themselves

to make someones life a little easier

it is very rare

that one person’s spirit

embodies all that is

to both be and make

I fortunatelygot the chance

to love one of those

rare extraordinary special people.

you were kind, gentle & caring

a loving and respectable role modle

a strict, unwavering, helpful guide

a knowledgable, wsie, strong mentor

a determinded, stubborn, understanding person

and the best friend

a grandmother could ever be

do you remember those walks on the boardwalk?

those shopping trips?

the acrade at nathans?

sorthings five’s in your office?

‘cuz i do

we could do everything in one day

or hang out and do nothing

but it was the same

just as fun and exciting

‘cuz i was with you.

a pillar in your work

the pillar in our family

you were always so strong

so determined to make someone smile

to do the job right

always there to laugh

and there to wipe the tears from our eyes

you didn’t have to bake

your latkes were just right

and whenever you were around

no one had to worry about comic relief

relieving memories, stories, dreams

each time they are heard

you feel even more part of it

i never doubted you

i never doubted your determination, your strength.

you always knew how to put up

opne hell of a fight

and how you did

for so long

i want you to know

that i’m proud

proud to have had you

in my life for so long

proud of all the memories

we’ve made

of all the stories

we’ve shared

proud that you instilled in me

morals, kindness and determination

proud that when i look in the mirror i see you staring at me

proud that the hands i use to shape my life are my mothers hands

hence forth making them your hands

proud that our favorite color was red

and that we loved to share doo-op songs

your favorite things were butterflies.

don’t you see?

because of you

we’ve all grown our wings

we’re all that we are

because of you

you are my hero

and no matter

what comes to pass

the fact will never change

of how proud i am of you

for putting up

for giving all

for loving devotedly

and for being sick

my GK

if you smile

through your fear & sorrow

smile & maybe tomorrow

you’ll find that life

is still worth while

if you just smile

what do you say

when your heart hurts

when you feel

like your losing your best friend

when nothing you can say

can make it better

your mind reels

and you think to much

about nothing in particular

reliving the past

agonizing over the future

you cry

and wonder why

but there are no simple answers

no way to put a bandaid over

the hole in your heart

so you gotta smile

and know

that the fight is never over

and the love lives on in your heart

you will never be the same

but you’ve got your wings now

use your new found knowledge

and fly

make her proud


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