One Little Star JSC 7/21/83- 7/21/06 Circa 2010

There is not a day goes by that I don’t miss your sweet face. Not a moment, where I long to hug you once more. I still have your number memorized in case I need to call you in the middle of the night. Or when something wonderful or terrible happens. Where I miss the way you always knew just how to make me smile, or how your laugh could light up even the gloomiest of days. How you drove out of your way to make sure we were together. How the snow and movie nights were spent with no sleep and only laughter. I long to hear your voice again. Or see you spin my children around in pure joy. I think about how different life would have been had you not had to leave. Things that were said still linger in my brain, and I try to live each day with your love in my heart. Glinda….We knew one day our time would come, but the roles were reversed and I never knew I would have to step into your pink dress. I question each step I take, because you were always better in heels then I was. I haven;t been able to wartch the fireworks without you. Or sit through 13 going on 30. I check my bed for donuts, and drink cheap wine. I try to remember the cafe we went to on our first date and dancing isnt the same without you. I am rambling now, and don;t know how to make it stop. The tears still fall and the pain still lingers. But I know you are there and tonight I will fall asleep in your arms once more. Happy Birthday Emmett. We are 27 this year…Oh wait…You are are 21 and I am 27…Just like always. Celebrate it up my love. We will do the same down here! And thank you for waking him up just a while ago to hug me and tell me he loved me. It meant the world to me. And we love you too Baby…Always and forever ❤


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