no subject needed Circa Sept 2003

Nostalgic memories, dyslexic dreams, shattered to the utmost oblivion in days to come. Free your soul, speak your mind. If only it were that easy. If things spoken…were done. If things felt…Were shown. But then again, if life were perfect would it be worth living? Winter creeps up and if memory serves, it is that which brought us together in the first place. Cold and alone we longed for shelter, something to thaw the tears frozen to our faces. Knitted warmth for our frostbitten hearts. Hands reached out and grasped, as we shared our dreams, goals aspirations and life. All on the same wavelength we prayed for solice from the snow that so blinded us. Together we built a future, Together we melded the past, Together we detroyed the bonds thatwe thought were permanent. And what do we have to show for it? But fearful happiness and distant looks of solidarity. Standing on your own two feet seems so much harder when your alone. But our paths divided and we took the steps we did to build a better singular us. And as the sounds of those last goodbyes, those final footsteps. Recede into the endless forest of our minds, all i know to feel is loss. This spring brought the growth and the summer broguh the fevered end of what seemed like the most beautifully ironic and redundant relationship a group can perceive. Looking back on it we smile for the strenght weve shared in such a short time cannot compare to any we will find in the future. But as the leaves spiral thier brightly colored symphony, its hard not to wonder what if? what if things ended differently or didnt end at all and just progressed to a higher level? What if the fights hardships and sadness hadnt been advertised to the world, but kept between our tightly knit friendship? What if our silent longings and wishes had been voiced stead of being churned in our old souls? What if we had never said goodbye and let life move over us stead of longing for yesterday gone by? As the air cools and the comfort of a warm sweater and friendship are needed. I look to you my friends……my associates…and now just barely my aquaintences and wonder what if would be like if we had never forgotten to say…I need you now….Ive missed your sweet face. Or more importantly if we had never forgotten the deep down, turmoiled and distincly important meaning of the words…. I love you


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