My quote Circa Sept 2003

Did i ever tell anybody i was a hopeless romantic? that i like walking around in the rain and snuggling in the snow and skipping around after dark just wanting to get caught..well i was watching a show the other night and well i found out my quote a quote that embodies my spirit and i suppose the hopeless romantic side of it all….

I wanna be with someone who only wants to be with me. Who doesnt need to see other people. Or be in the scene every night. I want to be with somebody thati can have a picnic on the floor with. And tell things to that ive never told anybody…i want to be so in love that it hurts

and its true i want that all of that i want the stars and skies and moona nd heavens to align..but it has so much more to do with that just other people ya kno…its eveyrhting love is everything love is smoke rings and the flowers and your puppy and even hate because if you can feel enough emotion to hate then you must love something very much…ive been feeling kinda mushy lately with all the talk of weddings and such but its in a good way and so i enjoy it…it sucks being a hopeless romantic in a world that no longer fosters strength of mind strength of heart..but its kinda interesting findging out how many people like you there are out there….so i call out to you…come find me well tlak find fun and excitement in the souless selfish world of today….*laughs* well there goes that plan…think to your self what is love and i promise your day will be sunnier because of it..because no matter what there is love everywhere and it wil always guide you though


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