It Scares me a Little Circa October 2008

When you havent heard the name of someone who really truly hurt you in months…and then that name comes up again… and you just want to scream. I wanted to yell tonight, the hurt felt fresh and new and you know the sad part…I bet you they don’t even know how badly they hurt me. I am so sick and tired of the lies and the bullshit. I am so sick and tired of what everyone claims to be the truth…which is just a distorted perception on the world. I can’t stand that people can ask me for my opinion or do something i tell them is a bad idea dn then it comes back to bite them in the ass and i cant even say I told you so. But this hurt this pain has got me thinking….are there any realy people out there, I have real friends but this whole fucking commonwealth seems to be fucked in the ear. You know what, why the hell would you lie…whats the damn point…the truth sets you free and you just feel the need to lie….well fuck you then, fuck you all…..because when it comes dowwn to it. all you are is pathetic beings that seeks value in realtionships that DONT exsist. how pathetic is that. With everything I have been through at least I know the value of the words I love you…I know the value of exsisting with someone even if it isnt always the great4est…but I will never ever pretend things are what they are not….you make me sick…


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