First Love Circa April 2010

Everyone remembers their first love. The scent of their skin, touch of their fingers, graze of their lips. It could last days, weeks or years but it sticks with you. Even if sometimes you don;t want to remember and have trained yourself to forget, just one familiar scent will bring it all back. Chances are, it is at a time least expected. When you need it most, because you realize that you have nothing, then it all comes back. And then you wonder about everything all the while feeling slightly guilty for illigitamate thoughts on someone long gone. But playing on the wind still a fadedmelodu that makes you smile. I don;t think I have ever been someones first love, but if I was then I am genuinely blessed….

Short but sweet ey? Must have been one of my romantical moments…I guess the question to me now is was I ever? And are there things that make someone think of me? I guess I will never know


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