College Essay Circa July 2011

A bunch of people asked to see, so here we go. This was my entrance essay. My advisor loved it. So here ya go….


My favorite time of year since I was a little kid, was going shopping for school supplies. I loved the smell of new erasers, the sharpening of new pencils and how clean the white paper was before you got all crazy with school. I would rush my mom home after we got all our school supplies and meticulously set everything up to prepare for my first day (which was still about three weeks away). I was that kid that told the teacher she forgot to give us homework, the one who sat in the front of the class just to hear better and the one whose arm would go numb from holding it up all the time. My greatest goal in life was to go to college, I didn’t care about a career I just wanted to learn everything. When I was nine, the doctors told my parents I may have cancer. Many tests later, they were wrong but it was the beginning of my path changing directions. I passed the test for a specialized high school and couldn’t wait to get through to college. From the day I entered high school I began to collect college brochures. I went on the upperclassmen’s trips to visit colleges, I was so excited for my future. The middle of junior year, I began to get sick. I was in and out of school with all sorts of things, though I still managed to finish out the year. At the beginning of senior year, I got taken to the hospital after a routine blood workup. They told my parents that they thought I had cancer. Once again, it wasn’t cancer, but it was something that couldn’t be fixed that easily. Being as sick as I was, I was pulled out of my classes and homeschooled. In and out of the hospital all year I never got a chance to figure out the whole college thing. I graduated, but as I watched all my friends go off to school I wondered when it was my turn.

Fast forward ten years and I sit here now typing up this essay to open up a whole new path in my life.  Ten years ago I would have never thought I would be where I am today. Transplanted into a new city, two kids, single mom, full time job and never a moment to spare of myself.  I realized a few months ago that it was my turn to grab the bull by its horns and take control of my life. I want to have a career, I want to be able to touch people’s lives. Though juggling all these balls that have been thrown at me can be difficult, I know that college is the right choice for me. I work eight hours a day and have plenty of in between and after work time to fit classes into my busy schedule. I may be exhausted when the day is through but I know I am doing the right thing, for my kids but especially for myself. I know the pace is fast, but like life I don’t want anything to pass me by. The quicker I start learning the quicker I can help people throughout the world and take care of my children. Five week courses are perfect for a person like me, who wants to buckle down and really start their life.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to do something I have been dream of since I was a little girl. And I’ll admit it, I still am super excited to go back to school shopping.


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