Bright Eyes Circa April 2012 For Mel

Words fall slowly onto the page as tears of crystal hit the ground with a beautiful twinkling crash.  You reach out to wipe the tears away but your hands touch a crystalline barrier. Your heart bleed when you know the skin made of ivory is never yours to touch again. You sit down with classical music intertwines with that which you have listed to ahead of time just too keep the tears of blood dripping from your eyes. The wounds crisscross your arms as memories captured that tell the story of your chance meeting. Your dreams drift away and float up like clouds that float to the top of the sapphire bubble you have put yourself in just because this feeling may one day surpass those other bubbles of thought.  You reach forward pressing your hands against the glass as the angel before you does the same. Bright eye shining with tears and you push, almost totally through and then are bounced back to hit yourself on the face. You know what you are feeling is wrong and could damage those who do not know you well. The white horse came around one but ran so fast that all you feel is his soft fur run through your fingers and you could not stop him to help you climb out and touch the face of the angle before you. Bright eyes….bright eyes…That’s your mantra but you know it won’t get you through the night. The sky darkens and a roll of cloud begins to gather at the top of your glass shell and you write faster and faster to get the words out in time. Velvet warm raindrops trickle form the sky and melt the ink that has taken you so long to have written. You can hear it in the heart…Goodbye my bright eyes. Sunnier days lie before you, just believe. I will miss you angel face you say out loud as the rain continues to fall harder. Warm drops trickle through your hair and you run and thrust your body again the glass trying to break free. Your body shudders and then again in your own corner you awake…..the rain you feel is your own tears hitting the pillow. I’ll miss you angel face are the words that whisper from your throat as you fall back into another restless dream.


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