Sound of Silence


The sound of silence echoes in my ears like the dust settling on a library book long forgotten. It is deafening yet comforting, oddly perverse in it’s nature. I am aware of its presence yet it fills me with hope for a better tomorrow. I do not dwell upon it, more on the stagnation I am fighting for it not to cause. I am whole with seams that are slowly filling in with a stronger cement than there was before. Will it hold this time? This question has no known answers,  only whispers fallen on deaf ears. Whispers of “I don’t know”.

That is ok, I am strong, this is worth it, my journey has not yet ended. I am aware of the stirrings of my inner flame, flickering to the beat of my internal exstasis. Growing brighter as my soul does. Each day a little closer to a fresh start, closer to a new path, closer to the next page of my journey.



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