Puzzle Pieces

There are those out there that can say I found the missing piece to my puzzle. I believe that there are so many pieces to your puzzle that even by the end of your life you may not have all the pieces. You start out born as a single piece when you are born. Slowly but sure you begin to build your puzzle. Your family and each of the people that you meet in your life become those core pieces designing the picture that makes up the foreground in your picture. The events that shape you become the dark and light bits of your background. Your core memories become the cornerstones anchoring it together. But what you don’t realize is that each step you take, every time you find that love, that fear, that heartbreak, that joy your puzzle doesn’t only add a piece but it changes, it expands to make sure the piece goes exactly here it belongs. It’s like the game of perfection, a bump to the table your puzzle is on and everything flips into the air and comes back down. Your core, your real picture falls back into place with maybe a new piece or two there or even a piece or two missing. Your background is the ever-changing, evermoving fluid part of your puzzle. It is like a 3-d picture frame or a part of the pictures in Harry Potter.


There are pieces of your puzzle that will come in and change your picture, those pieces are the bigger pieces, the pieces that add the color, the detail. Those are your soulmates, your children, those people that have made your heart stronger, your soul more vibrant. Those are the people that have taken your pieces and turned them into something new. They have taken the faerie dust and helped you shape it into a magnificent new creature. Those pieces are also the ones who have broken you, only have helped you figure out how to help you build yourself up into who you have become today.


What happens when the pieces that once fit, don’t anymore? That’s a question you always ask yourself. Well, the answer is this. Nothing happens. Those pieces will always be part of your puzzle. It is not that they don’t fit, it is that they fade in color and more into the background of your life. All the pieces of your puzzle are so important to who have become today. And sometimes just sometimes, when you least expect it…A background piece bursts back into color and makes its way back into the main picture. All it takes is a visit home, a surprise phone call or a birthday card sent to a friend you haven’t seen in so any years. Their color may fade and drop away again… live in those moments, because those moments are the ones that you will treasure forever.


Take a moment today to enjoy your puzzle

Sparkle sparkle








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