Mother’s Day Approaches


Mother’s Day….For so many years I dreamed of that day and I thought I’d never have kiddos. Because I was told I medically couldn’t. I now sit and reflect over the pass 9 years with my sprites and think about how lucky I am.

I am lucky they are healthy and happy, they are intelligent and witty, they are pure souls with kind hearts and gentle spirits. I am lucky they are compassionate and capable. That they love to learn and laugh and that each day they teach me more about myself.


I think about my angels in heaven. My two girls who curled up next to my heart instead of in my arms. How I was given a chance to carry them inside me for as long as I did and when the day comes what hugs they will give me. How they are forever protecting and watching over us as we go through this life without them.


As Mother’s Day Approaches I think about no matter how much the three of us have been through, we have always made it out for the better. How the Three Musketeers can take on the world. How being a single Mom has brought me to where I am today. It has given me the gift of learning not only how to be a Mommy but how to be their best friend. A bond that can never be broken.


As Mother’s Day approaches, I have a slight twinge of sadness, for the only person who my kids see as their Daddy is not here. How last year I knew what it was like to be surrounded by a whole and complete family. How last year I was woken with kisses and my sprites had someone to help them pick out exactly what they wanted to get me. How there were sweet words and arms to curl up in at night. How we didn’t know it yet but there was another life growing in my belly.


People have asked me what I want for Mother’s Day, and this is what I’ve said:
I want to be surrounded by my family
I want to be smothered in love
I want sweet kisses
I want sweet words
I want cuddles and snuggles
I want a day of love

If you ask me what thing I want that have a monetary value, my list is short and not needed, but here it is:
I want cards
I want a Wicket
I want to see Civil War
I want a new pair of sneakers

Those are not necessities. They are not what Mother’s Day is about.

This Mother’s Day I will still be surrounded by my family. My wonderful sprites with their laughter and kisses. And I will spend the day with their love.  I will spend the day cherishing that I have been able to be a Mom. And I will spend the day sending sparkle thoughts to those out there who are, will be and are even in the simplest sense Mother’s to those around them.

Sparkle sparkle



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