Seperate Paths… (until we meet again)


If you asked me how I am today
I’d tell you I don’t know
If you tried to touch my heart today
I’d beg you to go slow
The smile begot the tears somehow
And down my cheeks they flow
And if you ask me to explain
I’d silently mouth no

There used to be a place in time
I knew what it all meant
A happiness inside my soul
Where all the feelings went
But now I feel my insides steam
Just looking for a vent
An emotional toll paid out by me
My change has all but spent

A silent tear rolls down my cheek
As I gaze up to the star
I wonder if somewhere out there
You miss me from a far
I close my eyes and make a wish
Just like I did that day
That you’ll be happy no matter what
Even though you went away

I gave so much of me to you
Even though you did not know it then
From heart and soul to trivial things
Like words beneath this pen
You gave toe all that you had
I hold it close this day
And wish that I had the words
To make you come and stay

But our paths have split and we have gone
Alone our seperate ways
We’ve done this dance a time ago
And here we are to day
So when you look upon the stars
Before you close your eyes
Just know that beyond the scope of time
It’s never a good bye

And if in dreamland we should meet
At that place where we were one
Just take my hand and sit with me
Until our time does come
To rise again another day
To face the world again
And know that I’ll be always here
Forever my best friend ♡



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