I pressed delete


Fevered exchanges
Beautiful words
Futures were planned
Multiple lines repeated
Love that forever grew
Never knowing it would end
Building a life through technology
When limbs weren’t entangled
Good mornings
I miss yous
I need yous
Let’s have family dinner
So you won’t be alone
Soul bound
We zinger
Shared our secrets
Out laughable moments
Our worst fears
We swooned
We melted
We teamed up
We plotted
We remembered our love
Daily reminders of our love
Technology that we didn’t have when we were young
Brought us back together
We fought for together
Lived for each other
For family
For us
For our children.
Fevered exchanges
Naughty words
Silly pictures
Promises of tomorrow
A love never to be compared

1716 locked messages
Saved for so long
Just in case

My finger trembled
My heart ached
But my tears never fell
As I pressed delete



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