You can’t kill all the players…

…just because they are dumb. Granted, he didn’t want to kill all the players, he usually just wanted to let them die for being dumb. Steve was the man, the myth and the legend. His stories were classic and if you even think about them you can hear him laughing in your head. He usually made you feel like the king of the world and the biggest mook of your entire life. This gif is something he said to me once at a party and I laugh because I am sure he said it to more than one person before he broke into a grin and clapped them on the back with his big hands.

I knew him from 2002 and we weren’t the best of friends, hell he wasn’t even someone I kept in touch with other than at game, but he was part of my family. When I saw him there was a hug, a laugh, a lewd comment and an actual curiosity on how I was doing. He always asked about my life, my sex life, my kids and we usually fell back into conversations about the old days. You just had to give him one topic and he could talk for hours. He was one of the kindest dirtiest old men I knew. I only call him a Dirty Old Man because well he was older than me.


Steve was too young to leave this earth, but I guess that he was shooting for the head of world plot again. Now he and Keith are sitting up there and Keith is talking and Steve is shaking his fist at us and Keith. And if there is humor up there where ever he is, then he is stuck with cardboard wings cursing the fact that he took the name Glacier.

You are love Steve Franks. You are and will always be in our hearts and minds.

Sparkle Thoughts



“Wood elves, they taste like chicken nuggets.” –Steven Franks



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