It’s days like these…(I hate)


…that I hate that you refused to fight anymore. That I hate that you walled off your heart and moved on. That you can tell someone else you love them and hide behind that and no be my friend. I hate that you promised me forever. I hate you promised the kids forever. It’s days like these that I hate that I gave into what I knew I wasn’t ready for. I hate that I loved you so much I could say no. I hate that I can’t unloved you. I hate that you are our sons person but I’m the one in the waiting room holding back tears because you can’t be here with me. It’s days like these that I hate that you held it all in and then threw it all in my face. I hate that I lied because I was scared to tell the truth. I hate that the truth burned me so nadly. It’s days like these I hate that you left them, not me them. I hate that his dark thoughts got worse, you are 10 minutes away but I have to rock him to sleep. Alone. You left me alone. You took the easy way out. And you can’t talk to me. I’ve healed so much and you are the scar that won’t close be a use I loved you so hard I can’t hate you. AND It’s Days Like THIS THAT I Hate that. A single mom strong and true thanks to you.

But life sucks without you because as much as you say you are, you aren’t really there.



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