Driving Away from Me

A title that has two very different meanings doesn’t it. It holds both my fondest memories and my most solemn ones.

In fact the reason I am writing this is because of both happening in the span of a year, both happening in the span of yet an evening. Not this evening, but maybe it was.

Let’s go with free thinking since wordplay is hard after an afternoon in the ER. (not long story just a rough day and remarkably last year today was a rough day too. today was less painful, though…ish)


I remember

I remember the day you came into my life

Well into my life again

I remember the scent of your clothes

Warmth of your arms

Even the taste of your mouth on mine

But the most I remember about that day was you driving away

It was early or late depending on how you looked at it

It was time for work and I couldn’t convince you to stay

so with a promise of soon and one last kiss you walked to your car and I watched

I watched you as you looked up at me and waved

I watched you pull the corner and turn

I watched you drive away

the promise of tomorrow bestowed upon my skin in your scent

that had marked my body in the most peaceful sleep I had had in so long

I always watched, always waited, learned the tire sounds, the sound of your alarm beep

I always knew when you were here or when you had to leave

My heart always skipped a beat, though maybe I didn’t tell you enough times


and now

and now those days are a bittersweet memory

I still watch you leave

I watch you pull off in that same car

And sometimes I wave until you ar out of sight

But these days your scent doesn’t linger

And instead of a smile left on my cheek, there is a tear

Because I know not yet of promises that are waiting

If there are any left at all

Because I am not sure what tomorrow brings

Though I know I am strong enough to face it

I know I don’t want to watch you drive away

one last time






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