Baby I’m Worth It

I know I know…..Gasp….A Morning post! and…Double Gasp…A POSITIVE non-melodramatic morning post! I had a really rough day yesterday after it was all over I thought throwing myself into bed would just fail terribly. I don’t know what happened while I slept, other than sleep (obviously) but I woke up to my morning alarm. Hence the title of this whole bloggy thing. But I woke up clearer in my brain, my heart, my soul and my spirit.


The girl down inside has started to wake up again. The girl inside that few people know. That girl is starting to stretch her wings and you know what I’m happy. Because I missed that girl. I missed her smile. Her tenacity. Her independence. Her freedom. I missed the feeling of feeling. So watch out world! Because someday soon I am going to start to try defying gravity *winks*

Have a fabulous day





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