Isn’t it ironic?…


I start this with the classic words of a song known to most 90’s kids. Yet I look up the definition of irony and unless she was going for the synonym of sarcasm…this song miserably failed…


And if you can follow my thinking (which most people can’t , it’s ok) I think about the Leo and Claire version of Romeo and Juliet. Now it was two houses devided, I would envision myself as the fabulous Mercutio, but I’m more than like Paul Rudd in the astronaut costume (yes it was him, imdb it if you don’t believe).


So a love fast and true being split by two house trouble (now I’m the houses). Only, death shall bring together, but neither shall take the poison or dagger because the houses miraculously come to some conclusion because they were raised up with Jewish guilt. (Yes I totally changed the ending).


I am torn my lovlies. Part of me loves him so much to break my steadfast rule (which I’ve learned in group, it’s ok to set boundaries and say no),the snarky part of me wants to walk up and say “Shoes on the other foot now Cinderella, how does it feel?!”.


I am trying to be mindful and let the snarky parts float away like balloons. (I loathe minfulness). But both are now feeling the agony I have felt for weeks (insert Chris Pine singing Agony…makes it better)


It’s a double edged blade really. Either way it cuts. And in the long term who knows what’s going to happpen. So do I bite my thumb at thee? Or do I go out in full glamourus style?

Good night and sweet dreams my lovlies



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