Pogs, Handgames and Other Lost Arts


Pixie is just getting to the the point of hand games. But around here they dont seem to play them as much. Do you remember your favorite handgames? How they went? Am I making sense?


Hand games, that you played with friends. Miss Mary Mack, Ana Banana, QuackAdilioso, Miss Lucy, Down Down Baby.

We are bringing them back I’ve decided. Just like pogs (which are coming back to, I’m determined). If we could entertain ourselves with pieces of cardboard and metal, we can show the future the joy in hand games. And jump rope. And…and….JACKS



That’s it, people, we are forming a coalition, a society, a big fucking group to show our future leaders how to shake it off, go footloose, and be kids.


I need a good name for my group now. Something I can hashtag.

And I need more ideas! My brain is spinning, so I need your imput!

What was your fave childhood game? Tell me!


*note* I may or may not be having a just over quarter life crisis…don’t judge me!



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