Children and Autism

I am not going to sit here on a platform and talk about Autism. I am not going to give you my story, not right now at least. I am merely here to show you a picture. A picture of love, a picture of understanding, a picture that means more to me and more to advocation that any I have ever seen.

Three years ago I posted this picture with this caption.

Most grownups don’t understand Aspergers. My three-year-old daughter does…
Jayson said “Kay I’m not feeling good, I forgot my blanket I need pressure”, this is what she did. No questions. No fighting. They are watching tv…I love my kids

Ribbet collage

Three years later, she is still the only one that totally understands him. They may argue, antagonize and all those things that siblings do. But when he needs something he can’t communicate, she is there, and taking care of him.


2 thoughts on “Children and Autism

  1. OMG! What a beautiful post. My son has Aspergers and is turning 18 years old in March. This reminds me of many days and nights of me giving him tight bear hugs with HEAVY blankets. I totally get it. Hang in there, I know it can get very tiresome, but it’s the MOST important gift I’ve ever been given.


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