Back to the blogging world

I have been unually quiet lately, nothing to do with anything except for me being a shut in. I’ve facebooked, which you should all follow me on because my FB on have 62 followers and makes me a sad panda. No really, it’s just easier to ramble on FB when I am not where my computer is.

Granted I haven’t had much time for rambling, my brain has been too preoccupied with other things. Like the fact that this morning I woke up with a face full of chocolate, my hair full of chocolate, surrounded by truffle wrappers and in need of a huge glass of milk.

No but really, sick kiddos, broken Charming, and I have this program on that is supposed to be funy but she is really  not that hilarious, I am just not in the mood. Yesterday we did an almost 8 hour round trip to nyc to see my mother and that part of my family. That means Mom, her so, brother and his wifey and her folkd and other little brother. The kids were so overwhelmed with presents that I thought they were going to fall apart all over again. Little man started to stim while staring at the yule long and TV and Pixie kept random crying.

Christmas morning however, left me in tears. A family Christmas, for the first time ever. We all laughed and loved our gifts but most of all enjoying being with eachother. Unfortunatly on our way home from NYC only having an hour and a half of sleep and getting up at 530am did not o us well. Charming as wonderfully careful and got us all home safe.

This chick is seriously trying to ne margeret cho and it is pising me off.

Changed it to a documentary about murder, now I feel better.Is it weird I like true crime drama because a lot of people seem to think it’s weird

Is it weird I like true crime drama because a lot of people seem to think it’s weird. I have a thing for true crime, I love knwing what happened, I love knowing who dun it and wy. I a psychologically major. I love getting into peoles heads.

I think that is sometimes why people think that I am either not listening or don’t care. Because I am snalysing them or trying to figure out what is going in. …

This is probably the eng of the blog because no I am wrapped up in murder…atching it ot commiting it sillies (bt really I don’t feel good and I think I brought something home from my mothers house. I promise pictures and stories later.


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