Keep knocking

Death stop knocking
We’ve done this dance before
I’ve looked beyond the other side
And refuse to open the door

You’ve looked into my eyes before
And seemed to like what you see
Now everytime there’s a reflection
You’re staring back at me

At 9 you waited till I was asleep
Lovingly rubbing my head
But I heard you curse as I awoke
Too young to reap instead

At 13 I opened arms wide to you
As each pill went slowly down
And as I awoke from that disaster
I cried that you were not around

I flirted the line
Played with the fire
Time and time again
But a deaf ear
Was turned to me
By my closest personal friend

Then I saw you again
And begged you to go away
Leave my darling angel  alone
In my belly she should stay

You took my precious angel
Ran your fingers through my hair
Changed my heart forever
Pain too much to bare

I grew the strength to push you away
I believed you wouldn’t return
But you came to dance again
Another angel did you yearn

I healed the wrong way from that blow you dealt
Destroying myself as I went
And now I can’t reverse te hands of time
I’m scared my life is spent

So I hear you knocking at my door
Requesting my hand once more
And I lay here in the couch
Wondering if I could even cross the floor

The pain gets worse as the days go on
I do not want to die
But I can not do much on my own
Even thought I try

There has to be a better dance
I need to learn the steps
But right now I can’t move anymore
The pounds I’ve gained
Won’t make up for the times I’ve wept


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