If you leave a girl to laundry


If you leave a girl to laundry
(Because you put your work clothes in the washer and fell asleep)

She’s going to play Candy Crush to keep her very medicated brain awake.

And while she plays said game, she is going to watch Hannibal.

Which will inevitably make her hungry. So she will go into the kitchen to get a glass of milk.

When she gets in the kitchen, she will realize it is time to switch the laundry.

Which will make her wince because her lungs are trying to claw their way from her body.

When the laundry is switched she will realize that she needs a sandwich to go with her milk.

As she bites into er sandwich she realizes it is oozy and sticky like blood. So she must change the movie.

She wonders why hot sheriff from Eureka is in a maytag commercial.

She proceeds to make a mess, and still has to wait for laundry.

Which is fine, because she still has a huge glass of milk.

…and has to wait for laundry



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