33 things I should know by 32


So towing the line of pneumonia I have realized a few bits of wisdom, in the midst of the breathing treatments and sleep I’m not getting.  33 things because you should always gave one for good luck right?

1. No matter how much you think you can be honest with a shrink who holds your weight in her hands…tell her what she wants to hear.
2. When you’re really sick and you tell your Mommy you want her soup she will tell you she would make it for you if you didn’t live so far away
3. You can always count on your friends…sometimes
4. Know that you would drop anything in the world for those you care for…but that doesn’t mean it’s reciprocal
5. Also know that sometimes it is
6. Never think that someone that has broken your heart can’t break it again…over and over again. Even if you tell yourself you won’t let them.
7. Know when the breathing gets tough, you still have to wash your own back
8. It sucks feeling alone in a world surrounded by those who love you
9. It’s ok to ask for love
10. It’s also ok go feel bad when you feel alone.
11. Sometimes, it takes being sick to realize what you really want in life.

I gave you 11. I am tired. And sick. And I have to just push through it. Because I’m a mommy and that’s what we do.

Fuck you pneumonia. I have kids…

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…



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