An Authors Way

I’m here, still not dead…feel like it though, but determined to at least revise my article that is going to be posted on an ultra cool blog, very, very soon!!!!!


Every author, blogger and reader I know has a safe place where they let themselves fall into the world that isn’t their own.


I realize that I have rituals that I stick to before I write, not when I’m doing slap dash stuff but when I’m not doing things on the go…it’s always very particular…. I have to wear a bra (no matter how much I hurt or don’t want to on the norm), have to have one piping hot beverage and an ice cold glass of water (including the cubes of course), bandana or stretchy headband to keep my crazy hair out of my face and of course put on some sort and fuzzy socks. It doesn’t matter what in wear (but I must be dressed), what season, inside or outside….those are just my requirements….


How bout you?


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