It’s been a while

Yes, yes it has. There’s been a lot of things going on here. And when things go on outside, you know that things go all crazy on the inside.

So as we stand, I am covered in hives. They are not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday I was just swollen and red, today I’m kinda swollen but my face is back to normal-ish.

Monday I was in the ER because the right side of my body was freaking out. It looked like I had a mini stroke. I found out that it was a complex migraine (which mimics a stroke) and one of my normal almost blackouts….fun!

Tuesday I found out that I have the bloodwork of a healthy 32 year old half my size. And my doc thinks the resonance I packed on the pounds so quickly was because of all the prednisone shoved down my throat for over a year because of my hives (they are chronic).

So….now at my house…Charming has the plague which I have but milder. Both kiddos had fevers this morning (but of course they are hyper as ever)

My brain feels like it’s in auto fog….I have a thought, I rise up to go get it done and then forget what I was doing.

Don’t know if it’s fibro fog or depression but it blows. I’m just feeling….blue



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