IIW15 Post: Every heart has a rhythm, let yours beat out so loudly that everyone can hear it

The start of invisible illness week 2015. This a great way to kick off the week. I’ll Write some of my own stuff later this week.
sparkle sparkle xoxoxo

Undiagnosed Warrior



This week is so important to  the chronic illness community because many of us often have symptoms that are not easily seen.


Being chronically ill is difficult for anyone but when you have an invisible illness, there are additional challenges.

It’s not the symptoms we experience every day or the fact that we may never get better:

It’s having to convince those around you that you are actually sick.


what is an invisible illness?

An invisible illness is any condition whose symptoms are not easily seen by others, including both physical and mental disabilities. Invisible illnesses can differ substantially in severity and disability, as well as from person to person. Despite the differences between the symptoms and effects of these illnesses, those with an invisible illness do have one important thing in common: We all know what it’s like to be judged.


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