Don’t give up on me


That is ALL I wanted to hear from my doctor. Ok that’s a lie. I would have loved for him to say, ok I screwed up you are still in the program. But I knew when he came in that room it was going to be a tough conversation. I know I was defensive and Charming was my rock during the discussion.

What it came down to was the psychologist thought that I relied on doctors too much and that I seemed to think that getting surgery was going to magic away all of my problems. what the WHAT? It killed me to hear that, and I didn’t mean to dissect the Doc but I was hurt and pissed and trying not to cry.


I’m sorry I have 5 autoimmune diseases one of which needs to be treated by antibiotics every time I get sick. And not once did I every say surgery was magic, EVER. It is a tool to keep fighting for what I need. I have an issue losing weight and the sleeve is a tool to help me.

I know the Doc understood, and he asked the inevitable question. Can you get back to the weight you were when you first came in? He meant pre lap band. I said yes, I have no doubt. He said ok, well I am not giving up on you. I will talk to the team, tell them what we discussed and see what they think. I will talk to you in a month. That all I needed to hear. *Deep breath* from 327 to 283. With Fibro…in 30 days.


That’s the challenge

Think I can do it?

I can

Sparkle thoughts



9 thoughts on “Don’t give up on me

  1. You can def get close, cut out all carbs except those from fruits and veggies. Drink only water (add sugar free flavors if you want) or coffee with lowfat milk and no sugar. No sodas, or juices. Focus on protein intake first and foremost, 4 ounces per meal, then the fruit or veg (or both if needed) and eat off of a salad plate not the dinner plates most have and use now as they are TOO big! The change in diet alone will help with the first bit and will make a big change.

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