The Drop Spot

Also know as The Meeting Place, The Crossroads, The place where you HAVE to play nice or That place we’re courts arrange for you to meet so you don’t kill each other trying to plan.


Most divorced parents know what I’m talking about. That place where you meet every other week, once a month or whenever your ex decides he wants to be a “Dad” to his offspring.


Idly you wait, because the last time you were late you got reemed out in front of the kids. So you make it a point to get here early….and inevitably they are half hour to 2 hours late. But you swallow your pride for your kids, throw on a fake smile and even hug the ex goodbye. You don’t hate him persay, he gave you miracle babies, but you don’t like him either.

He tried to keep your kids from you till you came to am agreement. He honored the agreement at first…now it’ll be the first time since July 4th and that was only a few hours. Before that May 28…for a few hours….notice fathers day was skipped.


I’m not sad or angry anymore, just disappointed. Frustrated. But I was so fortunate to reconnect with an amazing man from my past, whom my kids call Dad. Who treats them like a Daddy should, and treats me like gold. Even through all my triggers.

It makes each drop off a little easier, because I know no matter what happens we have a safe loving enviroment to build out future, write our story, have our faerietale.



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