Just to Clarify…..About last night

I was very upset. I think I have every reason in the world to be very upset. After a year full of crap and sick and blah blah blah (sorry I’m really looking forward to Hotel Transylvania 2) I was finally in a good mood. I was having a phenomenal me day, running errands nd so forth and when I got home from picking up the kids, there were two letters in my mail box. Both from doctors offices, both handwritten addresses. One from Neuro one from Bariatric….As I opened both letters I stopped breathing for a moment and my heart was yanked out of my chest. Not only was I being told that I was no longer apart of the Bariatric program, but I wasn’t a part of the program for psychiatric reasons.

Excuses me? I see a therapist once a week and those are for my own reasons, and I’m pretty sure that when you are going through major weight loss surgery my therapist is part of my support team. Not to mention this therapist had way too much interest in my sex life. She gave me a paper to give to my therapist whom I haven’t seen yet.

But the paper I got back said that my doctor and the team got together and said I wasn’t a candidate for surgery. His team? Arent I part of the team? You know, the person who is having surgery. But I was dropped for psych reasons. The patient that dropped 40 pounds before lapband surgery and did SO WELL last time can’t finish the LAST MONTH of her program. I quit smoking, I’ve been working out and you can’t even tell me why not?

Were my goals not good enough for you. That my BMI is 55 and that I weigh over 300 pounds and can barely walk, all because of everything that’s happened. I have maybe MAYBE 3 outfits that fit anymore. I have NO CLOTHES.

I am devastated, I am angry and most of all I am lost. All I want to do is cry. I am in pain. and I want to cry.

I hope the messages I left at other places work. Of else I have no idea what I am going to do.



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