Don’t flip that switch


No really

I don’t recommend it

It’s like pushing that big red button

That big red self destruct button

Only on someone else

That switch does bad things


I try to keep it in the middle, not up nor down but in that balanced happy place….Which us where it was. Started writing, day of essentials for the house, starting off with a snuggle with Charming…..

The I come home and handwritten envelopes…Which do I open first…Neuro or Bariatric….. been here before but it was only one envelope last time.

Took them into the bathroom….opened Neuro….felt a slap in the face…..opened Bariatric…that one oh that one felt like someone stomped on all my dreams and it flipped the switch….

The team decided…aren’t I part of that team….and you…YES YOU doctor psych….the one who wanted to talk to my therapist….how could you if I never have you her info.


So what you’re telling me is that even though I’ve had the surgery and had the wonky band removed….I’m not psychologically fit to get sleeved….WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT

I can’t handle surgery. My brain can’t handle surgery…..

Not even how bout we try again…I’m 6 months…just nope you’re done….1 month from surgery. You quit smoking. You finally got your ducks in a row but we are going to flip your switch….

And it’s not just a flip it’s like someone is strobing me out….

What the fuck did I do to deserve this

Oh wait

*checks pulse*

It’s because I was having a good day right?



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