Mirror mirror…Broken Mirror


Fingers trace mirrored glass.

Images cascade within.

Green eyes flash.

Age no longer a number.

Freckled skin smooth to the touch.

Hands run through strands of red, strands of mahogany mock me from within.


Hands press to hands, longing to feel the touch of your skin.

The pinky promises left unfulfilled, the hands to pull me up long gone.

Eyes flash with anger.

Twin eyes.

Our eyes.


Why, The darkness took hold and you spoke not a word.

You promised me forever.

You left me alone.

Broken faerie tales.

A tower int he dark.

Hidden from the world.

Because of your choice.

YOU made YOUR choice.

YOU took away MY choice.

Now THEY make MY choices.

Fists pound the glass as tears fill tricolored eyes.



Shattered glass.

Rivulets of blood slide down pale hands.

Staining pretty dresses with secret blood.

The light has gone out.

Sobs replace the enchanting lullaby.

The tower is empty.

She is gone…



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