John Travolta Swagger

There is just something about watching a movie with that man in it, and you can’t keep your eyes off him. Be it the black hair, those piercing blue eyes, or his SWAAAAAAAGER. His presence just commands attention. I have to say that is was really hard to concentrate on clearing out my inbox or really writing anything while Get Shorty was one.

And now Sweeney Todd is one and I like Fuck Dude really? Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman. Today was a nice day, we got to have a bit of a walk around the park, Charming the kids played disc golf and I watched. Then home we came, dinner was made, and we are just being lumps on the couch. I did have a purpose on this computer other then reading over 250 emails.


I wanted to write some more and continue on the tangent of the story that grows in my brain. I meant to start editing the first part of a book that came to me, but my back is seizing up so badly that I don’t know exactly how much I am going to be doing other than writing a list of things I still have to do tomorrow.

So here we go then, things I would like to get done –

Write parts 2 and 3 of LYLFKLC

Write about this WLJ and how it is affecting me this time around

Try to get at least 5,000 words out of my head from one of these characters so they quiet down and I can actually sit down to write in proper sprint fashion.

Start editing my Jos’s WIP….I am so excited

Figure out other stuff……fibro fog kicked in and I just stared blankly at the screen for 15  minutes.

So on that note

Sparkles and love




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