Do You Want to Get Better?

I hope that I can one day believe in getting better enough to make it so. Te snow still hasn’t settled from the shaking of the snowglobe of my life yet. But you give me hope

Wear, Tear, & Care

Do you want to get better?

It’s a simple question, but many patients find it almost impossible to answer. It is part of the reason why a great number of doctors are hesitant to prescribe medication that patients need. They don’t want to enable irresponsible behavior. They are worried about what psychiatrists call “secondary gains.”

And what are secondary gains? Well, it’s not fun being a chronic pain patient. All of us know that. But you know what? You deserve to stay home from work. You feel disgusting, like a nuclear wasteland.

I bet Chernobyl is nice this time of year. I bet Chernobyl is nice this time of year.

Why should you have to go to work? In fact, why should you be required to have a job at all when you feel like death all the time? If anyone deserves disability payments, it’s you. And you know what else? Sometimes you really need an excuse to get out of social obligations…

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