…was a long day…spent morning in ER…then got into a car accident. Then had to go home to rest….Which of course never happened b ease pixie didn’t want to hang with grama and the fam. She wanted to jump on my bed while I rested.

I was in amazing amounts of pain, when everyone decided to come home way later than they were supposed to.

Dinner…well let’s not go there.

I was. Whisked away by mother and sis in law to go shopping for clothes.I picked stuff. They picked stuff. Then proceeded to cry half naked on the floor in a Lane Bryant dressing room, in the arms of the girl that always helps when im in there.

So here we are, it’s Tueday, I promise Charming I’ll get checked out because I am still in tons of pain. So 4 hours later….


So this is the end result of falling down the stairs and a week later getting into a car accident. (Along with a jacked up knee, hip, lower back, dhoulder, neck and mild concussion).

Doc says one more jolt to that ankle and
I’ll be in a cast. Between my clumsiness and my invisible illnesses my body is not happy with me. Doc says I’m pushing too hard, I need to baby my ankle.

But I have so much to do. I’m super duper grumpy.

I want to unpack and make things pretty but I can’t lift over ten pounds.

I want to write that article for that magazine but my laptop is broken

I want to write in general but….see above statements

I want to cook but I can’t stand for more than five minutes…or at all.

I miss my people. I need hugs. And to learn how to not push so hard.

But this whole fibro thing is killing me. This not being able to do anything is killing me. The pain is killing me.

My brain is fogged over, I’m forgetful. I have this gorgeous house that I can’t set up.



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