Defending Bodily Autonomy – It’s Not Your Decision.

First of all yes, and second of all Kudos that a man should be writing this

a dramatic opinion.

mineLast Thursday in Paraguay, an 11-year-old girl, allegedly raped and impregnated by her stepfather, gave birth after the staunchly conservative government of Paraguay denied her mother’s request for an abortion. The child was born via caesarean section and, thankfully, without complication but this case has thrown the subject of female bodily autonomy around the world into question.

Bodily Autonomy is the thought that a person has control over who or what uses their body, for what, and for how long. Some would say this is a basic right. You are the only one who has say over what your body can be used for. After death, your organs cannot be taken and used to save lives unless you gave consent, but in many countries around the world, as shown by this case in Paraguay, a woman (or child) must carry a child to term, as the government has taken the right of bodily…

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