So there may be a few posts coming at you in a row. The first, let’s talk about Fibro and how much it sucks. It sucks when you’re moving but can’t help, it sucks when you want to play with your littles and can’t move. It sucks when you want to snuggle close to you sweetie and his skin feels like sand paper on yours. And it sucks to shower and be exhausted afterward.

It sucks not knowing when it’s going to flare up, having the people you’re with think you just being lazy. It sucks when you get hives from an allergy to a hormone your body produces so that the hives hurt and all the docs say it the fibro clinic will help. Here’s something to sleep.

But what about the pain. When THE Cymbalta Isn’t WORK ING AND NIETGER IS THE Otc stuff…Then what? Then apparantly my phone goes all wonky and yells.

Regardless invisible diseases suck. They wreak havoc on your mental state, you anxiety and depression. They keep you on the verge of friendships. And you end up driving people mad. Because they don’t understand you. There’s my rant.

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