Eating Disorders – Fast Facts

As someone who struggles with Binge Eating Disorder and who has had problems all my life I find this so full of amazingly pertinent information

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Some of my most popular social media links are based on eating disorders. I find this a little strange, because I rarely receive a phone call on that very subject. In any case, I put together a quick sheet.

  • In the United States eating disorders are more common than Alzheimer’s disease.
  • As many as one million women and one million men have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.
  • Eating disorders are the deadliest mental illnesses.
  • The top three Chronic illnesses in young girls are: asthma, obesity and anorexia.
  • 90% of young women who have developed an eating disorder do so between the ages of 12 and 25.
  • Hospitalizations for eating disorders in children less than 12 years of age increased by 119% from 1999 to 2006.
  • One-half of 4th grade girls are on a diet.
  • The risk of developing an eating disorder is about 1/2 genetic and 1/2 psychosocial.

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