What am I fighting for?

Well whilst I can’t answer this directly on here just yet as it was a question posted for gishwhes.  I will say, things have not been peachy and there are days I feel like I am fighting for my life.


3 thoughts on “What am I fighting for?

  1. There are days where the fight runs long and the rest seems not to come. However as long as you turn to look you will always see me there with you. Ready to take on the fight. To make it count and hold you up when your legs just won’t hold any longer. For that is my fight. To stand at your side and take your hand. To whisper in your ear that today is not the last. But most importantly that you are loved and without you the world would be that much darker a place. So fight on and know that your barbarian is there with you each and every Challenge along the way.


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