This goes out to the Random Acts Social Media Department.

While I am far to poor to send you flowers or a singing telegram from Hugh Jackman dressed as Marilyn Monroe, I figured I could give you a very big and loving reminder of how amazing you are on my blog.


Though it us still little and still growing, I know that is how it was in the beginning with RA. You fight for your niche in the social media world, to hit in the places where people are touched the most and you take off running.

To prepare for events, plan. Market and get people excited very words on a screen isn’t all that easy. (I know I ran blog tours for independent authors)


But I want you to know that it is you guys that make it possible for giving all of us a chance to show the world how much we care.

How much even the littlest bit goes a long way. You as the words on the screen, the subliminal messages, the voices behind the voices are the backbones of what every non-profit is all about.


I want you to know you are an inspiration to me, and to all those who want to work in your field. Who slave over the computer for hours, who go I just don’t know where to start.

You are OUR heroes!

Love and sparkle thoughts
Capitan of Team Faeries Fight Back
gishwhes 2015



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