It’s been a while

I haven’t posted, I’ve been sick, Charming been sick. I’ve been in chaos. Two court dates tomorrow….but here’s the story….

*Deep Breath* So….today has been a crazy day, tons of phone calls, appointments, panic attacks…

Good news first – WE GOT THE APARTMENT!

after a lot of string pulling, pleasing, and my Mom laying out a lot of money for a double security deposit and first months rent we get to start moving in on Friday.

Now is the time where I ask, nay, plead, beg and promise that if you can help I would owe you my heart and soul. I can take photos for you, bake, clean, babysit and so forth.

Until the first I have $1,18 in my bank acvount. Charming doesn’t get paid till friday. We have no moving supplies, no food in the fridge, no gas in the cars and I have run out if meds to take care of some of my spoonies things. If you could throw a $1, $5, $10 or however much into my paypal account to get us thru the week it would be greatly appreciated. I am seriously on my hands and knees here, I don’t like asking but, I’m seriously helpless until we are out if this place. I can’t ask family of blood so I’m turning to family of soul. My paypal addy is

I will pay you back when I can, however I can.

I am also in need of bodies to help move. Charming’s  back is so bad. Between him me and work one of us is going to get hurt.

I love you all



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