If heaven weren’t so far away


My sweet boy,
Since it hit midnight I have tried to find the words to tell you how much you mean to me. It’s silly I know because you are in my head already. I feel you when I need you most, when my heart is so heavy it feels like it will burst and when it is so happy that it cannot contain it’s joy. I can feel the raise of your brow before a bad decision (Which I make sometimes) and that nod of approval when I’m on the right track. I felt your arms around me as I was in those hospital beds and saw your eyes upon me as I graduated. 32…that is just 23 backwards right. Our Littles have grown so big, in fact Kay is talkin about cutting Barbies hair right now, or should I say styling. And Jayson asked me when is the next time we can have a dance party. I still think about how life would be different if you were here. How many maids of honor you’d have at your wedding. Who you would pick to design my dress. How you were always my prince in shining glitter. Heavens and earth couldn’t move enough to bring me the joy of one last hug from you. So here’s to us my sweet Emmett. To cheap wine, cosmo faces, RENT, Wicked and everything in between. Happiest birthday dear one in heaven. Your posse of diva’s down here is celebrating with you.
Love you always,
Your Debbie


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