Help Me Save My Family…

Welcome to my world…a slice of hell with a sprinkle heaven-

This is MY story. A friend made a go fund me because we have not to long before we have to leave. Nothing has been done legally by the landlord. We were given till Aug. 16 now there’s a hearing on the 29th of this month. Charming contributes all he can but with bad credit from our exs noone will take us. We literally have no where to go. The campaign has thus far raised us little money. And I’m scared. I may be hospitalized soon for an infection that antibiotics can’t beat. Charming may need back surgery. Our spirits have to stay up for the kids but we don’t know where to go or what to do. ANYTHING Can help. A share a donation a prayer an idea. A house a small one, two bedrooms will do. Lancaster is our home. Little man gets his services here and this is where our doctors are. Help us. Please.


This family of three is being unfairly relocated due to their landlord ending their month to month lease on a property they have lived in for over 4 years. They have not been able to get government help. They must move by 8/16. These funds would help them afford a down payment and moving fees for a new start. Note: the family wishes to remain anonymous

-Their Story –

After moving to Lancaster Pennsylvania for a fresh start, single mom SRS moved into a 3 bedroom apartment with her 2 young children. From the start, the apartment had problems. No heat control led to the apartment being freezing cold in the winter and overwhelmingly  hot in the summer. When she complained of the freezing temperature in the winter, the landlord stated he couldn’t do anything, and advised her to buy an electric heater. She does not have control of the electrical, because the fuse box is in the basement of the rental which she doesn’t have access to. The landlord refuses to address any basic repairs to the place. Although he is supposed to paint the apartment yearly, he has neglected to do so. When he promised to take the cost of repairs she had made off the rent, he reneged and only deducted $50 instead of $200.  Because she cannot afford to move, she has stayed on in a place that is not up to code.

SRS has several chronic illness, and is on disability due to them. She states , “I was diagnosed with graves disease at 9, after a scare of thyroid cancer. They removed my thyroid at 13 and placed me on medication which I have been on since since I have no metabolic control.  At 17, after a luekimia scare, I was diagnosed with chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura(ITP), which means my body attacks my platelets like they are a virus. A low platelet count can cause anything from bruising to bleeding internally. In May of last year, I was  rushed to the hospital with breathing issues and had to remain there a few days. During this time the children’s father took them and refused to give them back. This led to a legal battle which drained all of my funds. At that time I was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is akin to fibromyalgia. Instead of causing nerve pain it causes the patient to suffer from fatigue and a depressed immune system. It also may cause migraines or blackouts, which I suffer from. After finally getting my children back and trying to get them back into a routine, I became ill again and was diagnosed with IGA deficiency. IGA deficiency is another autoimmune disease in which the mucous membranes do not function in immune response, leaving your body prone to infection. Treatments  include monthly infusions of IV IG. A huge downside of IGA deficiency is that once the treatments start you can’t stop them, and if the patient needs blood transfusions, the blood usually needs to be washed ahead of time. Things were just beginning to get stable,  when my boyfriend of almost a year began to physically and emotionaly abuse me while the children were at their father’s house. After shattering my windshield, he and his brother stole a number of my possessions in addition to money from my wallet.  Presently I am recovering from the removal of both my mirena IUD and lap band, which my body rejected because I am allergic to them. My doctor thinks I may have lupus, which would explain all my other conditions.” Although SRS is on disability, she is trying to find at home work, is actively writing, and is freelancing as an editor to earn extra money.

In addition to her medical problems, SRS’s son J has been diagnosed with a sensory disorder at 2, Aspergers at 4, and ADHD at 6. He currently has a TSS 5 hours a week at home. He attends an  after school program  3 days a week, to work in a group on social interactions. This program becomes a summer camp 5 days a week with the same staff. He also has one on one and family therapy to work on social skills, rigidity, emotional meltdowns, and expressing himself during transitions in the home and community, and sees a psychiatrist for medication management.

J and his sister K have been making top grades at school. K is starting 1st grade in the fall, and is reading at a 3rd grade level.  J starts 3rd grade in the fall, and is reading at a 7th grade level. K wants to be a veterinarian and a ballroom dancer when she grows up. J is stuck between marine biologist and monster truck driver. Both children want to start an intrustment and a sport come the new school year. Neither child realizes how impoverished the family is.




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