House of my dreams…

…Fading away


Porch swing for two
Or four
Rocking chair

A big yard
And a grill
Very Somewhere that’s Green
But more me

Black and red and silver
My kitchen would be a malt shop
But cooler
Everyone would want to be there
I would want to be there

A dining room
For the holidays
A living room to fit the family
ALL the family


Nooks for books and art and pictures
Places to escape
Build forts and nests
A swingset


A workbench
And a shed
And a garage full of tools
For projects not thought up yet

And a climbing tree
With a tire swing
And a place to read
For all my kids
Big and small


Doesn’t have to cost much
Doesn’t have to be new
Just has to be home
Not here

No bugs or eviction
No control over heat
Or when the power can come back on
No repairs that won’t be fixed

No landlord that welch on deals
No shootings by the house
Or murders down the street
No walls with echos of abuse

No street that kids can’t play on
No locks that have to be locked
No landlord walking in
Whenever he feels the right

Early eviction notice
He said we have more time
No money in the back
Medical bills keep rising

Pain everymorning
Scramble to save energy to pack
To keep Pixie occupied
To keep little man smiling

Charming working so hard
I’m trying
Trying to not feel guilt
To not feel like I’m failing
Because my body fails me

I’m scared
Only a week or two left
Where do we go
From here

help me help us



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